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Bikes: Too many, yet not enough

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Originally Posted by Gino71 View Post
I just picked up a 2011 Pake Rum Runner for $150 listed on OfferUp. The frame is in good shape, the tires need to be inflated. I was surprised it was a bit heavier than my Nashbar Sport RX, not that it matters. I was looking for a fixed gear, didn't want to cannibalize my Nashbar since it's about ( 97% guessing ) all original.

Here is the list of components on the Pake.

Thompson stem
H+sun rims (custom laced with pink spokes)
Halo Hubs (rear is a flip flop)
Rolls saddle
FSA seat post
Pake track cranks (pink)
Discontinued collectors SAGLIFE straps ( Pink )
Thompson racing handle bars
Gear is 34/17

I can't post photos yet since I'm still new to the forums, so I have to hit 10 posts before I can post pics, but I think all in all for $150 I got a pretty good deal.

I'm slowly selling the bikes I don't ride, stuff with gears and going to a more simple setup. I live in Florida so it's all flat and I have no need for my gears bikes anymore. I just recently sold my Kestrel Rubicon Comp which I never rode to fund this purchase and possibly another fixed gear bike in my area I have my eyes on. Once to ride as is and one to customize to my preferences. Once I get to 10 posts I'll attach some pics.

Congrats on the new bike! 👍🏾

It's easy to get 10 posts, then get those pics up.

How do you enjoy fixed gear versus geared cycling?
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