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Originally Posted by gthomson View Post
Have you ever had one of those discussions with someone who is only interested in the latest and greatest bike tech and when you start talking about how good a steele bike is they look at you with a distaste? The only thing I can say to respond is the ride is just so much smoother than newer bikes (can only attest to aluminum bikes as I've never ridden carbon) but is there any fact behind what I'm saying? Do the steel bikes have a more solid frame and give that smooth easy ride? There must be some data out there that would back up why these bikes are in some cases, better than new ones. Sure, I get new shifters are more convenient than down tube shifters, and group sets are better, etc... but the steel frames have a different feel to them.

Can anyone back me up or am I just sentimental to the bikes I rode when I was younger?
Yes, no, all of the above.

Highly subjective, depends on builder. construction, materials and process, perception, predisposition, bias, voodoo, mojo and so much more.

We know what it is because it is what it is to us and we know it.

I always use the music analogy, vinyl has soul like steel, cd's, carbon fibre, plastic, aluminum do not.

The snobby bias has been here for a long time.

Its getting worse and is accelerating with the ever increasing threadless, cartridge, disposable cookie cutter mentality that has many things circling the drain that we used to be able think and work our way through.

Get off my lawn!

In other words I agree 100%

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