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Originally Posted by nlerner View Post
Has the original rear wheel been replaced at some point? Sounds like it. Back in the time of 5-speed rear clusters, spacing between the dropouts was 120mm. When 6- and 7-speed became common, dropouts spacing increased to 126mm. Then 8-speed on up call for 130mm spacing. Mtn bike rear wheels (and some touring bikes) have 135mm spacing. Measure your dropouts, and measure your rear hub from locknut to locknut. See how they compare.
Looking back , the rear wheel Was replaced over 30 some years ago.
I now remember getting it caught between the grass and sidewalk. When I tried to ride out of it, back onto the sidewalk, the rim got bent Very badly.
The LBS shop said they had a wheel from a tandem bike they could put on, and it would cost less then getting a new rim, and rebuild.
Since both the original wheel and tandem wheel both were 40 spoke.

NOW, What are my options. The difference must be not too much more than 1/16 on an inch.
But, my sanity can`t take too many more times trying to pull on the chain stays , And slide the wheel in at the same time.

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