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Originally Posted by Hobbiano View Post
That doesn't sound right. They would have to be so way, way, out of adjustment, to make it appreciably harder to get the wheel in. Have you tried removing the wheel from the dropouts and putting it back in since they worked on it?
Maybe something was lost in the broken telephone game. It’s possible that the shop removed some spacers on the left side to reduce the OLD of that old tandem wheel to 126 mm. This would entail a final adjustment of the left cone before securing the locknut to finish the job. Maybe both cones, if the axle had to be “walked” to centre it in the cones. The OP’s last photo, the only one in all his posts that is of any use whatsoever except to confirm the bike is red, does show a left-end configuration consistent with 126 mm. (But wait! Is this the “before” photo, or the “after” photo? Should we guess?). A tandem wheel would have more spacers there in its native state.

The OP was positive he had a 40-spoke wheel and never bothered to count before retorting “it’s 40” when questioned. No doubt he is just as positive the shop fixed his too-wide wheel properly, after initially telling him his frame was bent. So we’ll leave him to it.

Agree with you that the proof doesn’t come till next time he tries to remove the rear wheel. Strange lack of curiosity here. Me, that’s the first thing I’d do, not to distrust the shop, just for the satisfaction of understanding what was wrong exactly.
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