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Originally Posted by PimpMan View Post
For asymmetrical rear hub with 7 speed freewheel i need to set dishing towards the center of fork not center of hub hub so tension between each side spokes is different.

Somewhere i read "tension for spokes ideally needs to same prevent breaking" is that same tension for all spokes on one side of the rim or every spoke on the rim needs to be same tension?

Obviously if i set same tension i will loose dishing, so if i say use 181 mm spokes on one side and 184mm spokes on other side then i can set equal tension?
If spoke tension is equal on both sides, the rim will be centered between the flanges. If the flanges are offset due to a freehub, or disc brake mount, the rim heeds to be centered between the locknuts, therefore, the tensions will be different side to side. Tensions on the same side should be equal.
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