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March commuting challenge

OK, I guess I'll start it.

The challenge, as in DogBoy's Jan and Feb challenges, is to set a goal to commute every day by bike. Some people allow one or two emergency/sick days. It's really up to you and what you feel is achievable, but don't sell yourself short. Aim high.

There is no prize apart from pride, and no consequences for failure other than your own disappointment. This is all about setting your own goals and reaching them.

Thanks to the previous two challenges, I have not driven my car to work yet this year (though I do still run the kids places at night/weekends). I never would have come close without this incentive.

Jan/Feb gave a lot of us a break on weather and they weren't as hard as we probably thought. For a lot of us, March still has significant cruddy weather potential, so it's still a challenge.

I arrived at work today with about 1/8" of ice frozen on me and my bike. The driveway was almost impossible to walk on at home; I'm very thankful for studded tires.

For reference:
January challenge

February challenge
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