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Yes, our bike club put on a century for two years, before we folded tent. It was a lot of fun, and since we used one of the local Ham Radio clubs, we had constant communications between all the stops, as well as several radio equipped motorcycles patrolling the route for accidents, flats, and where to send a sag wagon for those that gave up! All in all, it was quite fun. Sure meet a lot of riders that way.

And speaking of sag foods, I discovered a great snack item on one of the BRAGs, but I can't find them much anymore. Raisin Bisquits. They are flat square cookie-type dough with a layer of ground up raisins in the middle. I think they were made by Sunshine, but I could be wrong on that. They are a little dry so you have to wash them down with something, which makes you take in more fluids.
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