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Originally Posted by StanSeven View Post
That trip by yourself during that part of the year isn't wise.
The ST part is routinely done that time of year. Coming North on the coast it is likely to above freezing until he is within two days of DC. DC is a crap shoot. It is likely to be freezing, but it isn't that rare for it to be 50 either. Snow... they get snow a few times a year. It usually lasts a few days at most. Worst case he takes a bus/train from Virgina Beach.

You have 10 hours of daylight.
This does make it harder to make good time.

As you get closer to DC coming from the south, you'll hit freezing temperates with snow and ice.
That is a big maybe and only likely at all for the last 2 days assuming staying near the coast.

Plus there's no place to stay here during the inaguration.
Worst case come to Parkville (North side of Baltimore). You can stay here, but might have to sleep on the floor depending on whether my daughter is here or at grad school. Better yet find a warmshowers.com host near DC. Even better yet someone here on bf who lives closer to dc offer to put him up. You guys who have been the recipients of hospitality on tour, this is your chance to pay it forward. One of you guys in Northern Va. would be ideal. Helping an idealistic 22 year old bike tourist out shouldn't be much of a hardship!

Edit: I work between DC and Baltimore and could pick up and drop you and your bike if need be. If you can make it work, I would be delighted to be a part of it.

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