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Originally Posted by flyinryan08@gma View Post
BESIDES the winter weather, what kind of risks does my body entail from riding like this?
Any suggestions for how I should train for the next 3 weeks?
In the past you were (and perhaps still are) a sprinter. Touring uses the exact opposite type of physiology. Slow twitch muscle fibers for touring vs fast twitch for sprints. Long slow distance for touring vs short bursts for sprinting. Aerobic vs Anaerobic.

You are young and have a good overall fitness level. Clip a few packs on your bike, fill them with rocks and go for long rides. Next day get up and go further. You need to get your body used to providing a steady stream of energy and power over the long haul. You must get comfortable in the saddle and work the major bugs out of your setup before leaving home

Avoid the temptation to go fast. Slow and steady will win this race you've set before yourself. You will be amazed at how fast your body will adapt. Even in the three weeks before departure you can make major changes to the way your body will deal with the stresses of life on the road. Get out there and ride

After the first few rides you will wake up the next morning and say to yourself that there is no way you can go on. But then you will climb on the bike and fall into the routine.
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