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Originally Posted by pedal
While in the LBS today waiting for my bike being tuned-up, I was chatting with the LBS guys I've known and ridden with for a long time. One of the fairly new guys there, notorious for talking alot, got talking with me about running. He was telling me about back in the day when he used to run/race. The times he was telling me were what Pro-International racers would run (2:20 marathon, 30 minute 10km etc). The guy was so full of BS it was annoying me, and all the other LBS guys were making fun of him without him realizing it. It was sad. I think they're letting him go soon.

Please LBS guy, save your BS stories for the skanks you meet in bars.
I dont see the point in this post- the bottom line is that you met someone today who you felt exaggerated his athletic achievements and they work in an LBS. So what- who cares ? or are we just supposed to feel superior now we have a village idiot to laugh at?
only the dead have seen the end of mass motorized stupidity


(well if he was alive today he would have written it)
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