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Originally Posted by Luddite View Post
I have to get across a few uncontrolled intersections on my bike and cagers rarely will slow down/stop to allow me to cycle through. I figured out a trick to get across quickly. I get off my bike and walk it across. Within seconds of getting off my bike, magically a cager will stop. Cagers in the other direction stop quickly as well. I have no fragging idea why cagers will stop for a "pedestrian with a bike" and not a cyclist but it works every time.

I know it sucks having to walk your bike across but it beats waiting 15 minutes for some ******* cager to stop for you, eh?
Just to go back to this, is the intersection you are talking about a through road and you have the stop sign against you? If so, I *HATE* it when cars stop in such situations and try to wave me across, If I'm on the bike I'm traffic, you wouldn't expect them to randomly stop for another car?

If traffic is too heavy, then I will get off the bike and take the pedestrian rights option. i'd much rather wait a minute or 2 for a break in thraffic. in your case, if it normally takes up to 15 minutes for the flow to break, then getting off and walking is the thing to do.
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