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Originally Posted by crocodilefundy View Post
In PA its "the law" but no one follows it and no one enforces it. In my parents town they painted a new cross walk in the street with a yield to pedestrians sign. The sign looks like its been hit 100 times and my friend got hit by a car in the cross walk because the car didn't want to stop.
the one that gets me is the bonehead cager exiting a driveway onto a sidewalk and not bothering to look if a pedestrian is coming. They just go. The rare time I'm a pedestrian and not a cyclist these days I make sure to make eye contact with cagers exiting driveways or worse, the dreaded turning cager onto a busy street that only watches oncoming cager traffic while yapping on cellphone and never checks the sidewalk that they are blocking for pedestrians.

When they hit the gas and don't look first I can see it coming, I pound my fist down on the hood of their car as hard as I can and yell "WATCH IT!" trying to teach the dumb cagers to pay some ****ing attention before they kill someone.

SIGH. Gods I hate automobiles.
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