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Originally Posted by tsl View Post
Every time I visit Toronto I'm amazed that the one law cagers seem to obey, is your Canadian pedestrian crossing law. And boy, do they get upset when some American comes along and doesn't stop--the Canadian drivers, get upset at the American ones, that is.
Surprisingly and tangentially, I found the same thing with NYers and their stop-sign-on-the-school-bus-means-traffic-stops-in-both-directions law when I encountered it first. I absentmindedly kept cycling when a bus coming in the opposite direction flipped out the stop sign and flashed the red lights which meant everything else stopped. It was unquestionably my faux pas but nothing happened (it was a wide city street and no kids were getting on or off at that point), but with the waving fists and pitchforks being handed out to enraged drivers I thought I was in trouble! Needless to say, it was a good learning moment and I was doubly careful in the future.
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