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Originally Posted by trigger View Post
i'm looking to put a new set of wheels on my ss ... Don't like the look (yellow deep v knock offs) or feel of the stock wheelset.

What i'm looking for might be impossible. I want something not too expensive and that i'm not super scared about locking up (never overnight), but i also want decent quality. I've got high end campy hubs on my roadbike, and
i've gotten used to what good hubs feel like.

my first impulse is the bww open pro / formula build, but i'm kinda hesitant on the formula hubs. Are they actually good hubs? It seems they're the stock hubs on just about everything, so i'm kinda wondering .... That said, i'm not yet in the market for white industries or chris king. Is there anything in the middle? I am putting a white industries freewheel on the new wheelset.

in short - can you think of a better all around deal than just over $200 for a set of open pros laced to formula hubs with dt spokes?

Formulas are good hubs. You couldn't feel a difference, even if there was a difference.

Build your own. Use a front road hub, a formula or novatec rear hub, KinLin rims (depth of your choice), and some decent double butted spokes. Shouldn't cost much more than 200 if you can build your own, and you'll have much better wheels than can be bought stock for the same price.

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