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Originally Posted by mihlbach View Post
Formulas are good hubs. You couldn't feel a difference, even if there was a difference.
Cool, that's what I wanted to know. I've never used them, and since they seem to turn up stock on every entry level SS and fixed gear, I had my doubts.

FWIW I have, in the past, felt an immediate difference going from a crappy stock rear wheel to a quality handbuilt on the same bike, and I attribute at least part of the difference to the relative quality of the hubs. Could I tell the difference between varying levels of good (and not just between crappy and good)? I doubt it. So if formulas are indeed good and not merely ubiquitous, we're golden.

I went through the process of building up my road bike from scratch, including the wheels (I chose parts, my buddy built them), but with these I'm just going to go pre-built ... quick, cheap etc. BWW claims they hand build them, but I'm not betting on that. I'll have them checked and tensioned, so it won't matter much.
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