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So they should bend all to hell on smooth paved roads?

I dont know how hard you ride your bike, maybe you just use it to go to the bar to meet your friends, but I tear mine up going up and down curbs and jumping medians and whatnot. I weigh 200+, it doesn't take a whole lot on pitted roads to bottom out, even with high psi. The things simply aren't built strong enough for me, and most of them are built pretty cheaply(like that velocity crap). I suppose high end deep V's (if there really is such a thing) may fair a bit better. The other thing I don't like about the Vs is that you can't get em with eyelettes, something I find very useful for rim longevity.

The rhynos on the other hand have a 3 chamber cross section, snake bite bumps and eyelettes for a good price at $50 a pair. My wheels will outlast most trackie wheels, and I can take em off road without problems on a cross setup too.

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