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1984 Miyata Ridgerunner - SE

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1984 Miyata Ridgerunner - SE

I recently saw a posting for a guy who was trying to sell his bike for $5,000. I have the exact same one. It's my pop's old campus cruiser, and has been my go to transportation for a couple years.

The other guy's ad: The forum won't let me post url but if you google "miyata ridge runner 5000" it should be the first link. The website is

Mine has had brakes,tires, wheels, etc swapped a few times in its life.
Can anyone help clue me in to the actual value of this bike? Here is mine:
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I think he mistyped. If it was not in good shape, probably 50.00 was what he meant. If like new, I would say $200-300 depending on market. Although you never know, someone might pay more pay if they had one or for NOS, but not even near 1k let alone 5k.
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As presented I would say $150-200 to the right buyer the choicer parts pedals, cranks, DR's and clam shell stem would go for over $100 on Ebay if there in very good shape. Nicely cleaned up and well presented I would say $250 or so in most markets. Great bike with really nice lugged chro-mo MTB/ATB frame there just is not a lot of interest in older hard frame MTB's in most market unless there early top of the line US built.
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Wow. Thank you to you both! Fast and informational replies!
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Given the non-original wheelset, more like $150-$175 IMHO.
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Prices sound right. When buying a bike there are about $50 in tires, tubes, cables, covers, and brakes plus labor. So a $100 bike that needs everything is about equal to a $200. bike that has new consumables and service to bearings.
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FWIW I paid $40 for the one step down 1986 Miyata Trail Runner recently in Seattle. A college student who was trying to clear out their possessions to leave school at year end had the bike for sale on CL and I had been looking for a lugged steel MTB. As the poster above said I will probably be into for another $50-100 to get it up to snuff. Your Ridge runner was the top line and if it has most of its original parts then I think Zukahn1 is on the money with their assessment.

[IMG]IMG_1551 by Ryan Surface, on Flickr[/IMG]
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Link assist,
I don't think 5000 is a typo, I saw it posted many times. Well, judge for yourself - original text below:
"A Super Rare Miyata Ridgerunner SE 1984 Mountain Bike, a 1/1? Please read on …

This is potentially the last remaining original Miyata Ridgerunner SE 1984 Mountain Bike (Japan Model) in existence. It is completely original except for one tire, and tire tube changes. I am mostly certain that one of its tires is original. Over several months, I searched and inquired to various online forums and sites globally, and was unable to find another 1984 Miyata Ridgerunner SE. I was able to find a description of the Koga version of the bike in a Koga catalogue online. If I recall correctly, it was not listed in the Japanese catalogue. I can only assume that this omission was associated to its limited production and distribution. You can search Pinterest for a Miyata 1984 and see a picture of the Miyata/Koga model Ridgerunner SE (note: I am unsure whether the Koga 1984 model still exists today either). That picture explains a similarity to the Japanese model in every except for the added drink carrier shown on the Koga model. In the process of my information gathering, I was able to reach Miyata/Koga; unfortunately, they were of very little help. I telephoned a bike store in Hawaii that has been in business for over 120 years. The owner confirmed its rarity. In other words, this could be a “one-of-a-kind” (“1/1”) situation, a very special Miyata bike and a super high-end model at that. It was a limited production, I assume that only a handful of this model was made available to the public in 1985. The detail that went into the construction of this model and its components: including its’ Shimano “stag head derailleur,” rifled tubing (referred to as Cr-Mo or chrome molybdenum triple butted tubes), and the other high-end Shimano parts as illustrated in the attached pictures is incredible. Being that this is a Japanese Miyata model produced in Japan before 1986 adds to its value significantly, and with all of what I have described here makes this to be a valuable piece of fine physical art. For example, if I was to spin its front wheel lightly it will continue spinning on -- seemingly endlessly -- without any kind of visible resistance whatsoever. I purchased the bike in Hawaii in 1985 (please see the green Honolulu License plate in the pics). In other words, I am its original and only owner. The attached pictures will help to explain the bikes excellent history and the true Miyata story at the same time.

I have limited idea on pricing, and that is why I listed the bike on ebay with a $5,000.00 price tag; although a Miyata forum recommended paying to the listed price immediately ($2,000.00 or 2,500.00), if a rare Miyata racing model were ever to become available. That particular Miyata model has a known population somewhere north of 100. In other words, considering this bikes rarity, I think that the listed price here makes sense.

That being said I am encouraging buyers to submit their best offer regardless. This will likely be the best way to determine actual value, assuming that the auction and its posting will reach its intended audience effectively. Of that, I am less certain. Regardless, based upon what I have discussed already, I will be unwilling to give this bike away should the auction be unable to encourage an acceptable offer.

The bike is in good condition. If you wish to arrange for a Sacramento area bike shop to examine the bike, then I will be more than happy to accommodate.

Shipping, handling, and insurance will be $151.00 domestic (shipbikes dot com), and $250.00 international. I will refund any shipping overcharge. I will make up the difference on a potential shipping undercharge at the same time. "
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