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daf1009 02-06-14 10:40 AM

Looking for help in Chicago...anyone out there able to help out???

revcp 02-14-14 11:11 PM

san francisco purchase
Anyone out west willing to purchase and ship to Minnesota?

rhm 02-18-14 10:17 AM

Never mind. I've tried to delete this post, but it stays. Whatever.

revcp 03-10-14 01:27 PM

Anyone who could facilitate a buy and ship in Long Beach, CA? I'm in Minnesota.

inutil 03-14-14 12:08 PM

Are there any facilitators in Greenville, SC willing to help with a Craigslist bike?
Thank you

daf1009 03-27-14 06:22 PM

I might have a deal working in Detroit...anyone able to help out in that area of the country???


awfulwaffle 03-27-14 10:43 PM

Oh man, I didn't know this thread existed. What a great service! Count me in:

Username: awfulwaffle
Preferred Contact: PM
States: Wisconsin
Primary CL City: Milwaukee
Secondary CL Cities: Racine/Kenosha, Sheboygan, Madison (if you are willing to provide some gas money, as I'm a college student on a budget)
Items willing to facilitate: Bikes, frames, parts

Cougrrcj 04-01-14 09:44 PM

I'm 25 miles southwest of downtown Cleveland, and am willing to travel 25-miles or so. That means Cleveland west side and Lorain County. I do NOT have access to bike boxes, but the one shop I contacted with gave me a price of $35 packing fee for bikes + actual shipping.

romperrr 04-10-14 07:39 PM

Username: romperrr
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): Illinois
Primary CL City: Chicago
Secondary CL Cities: None (I don't have a car)
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

andrewsmash 05-05-14 02:28 AM

Hey Cougrrcj , It's really great to know about that shop , would you please give me the address and contact number of that shop. share it or PM me.

Woodbury MN Locksmith

Lascauxcaveman 05-11-14 01:29 PM

Would like some help from a BFer in Charlotte, NC (actually Albermarle)

PM me if you can pick up a ship a bike; Thanks!

decotriumph 05-11-14 06:22 PM

Username: decotriumph
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): Tennessee, Alabama
Primary CL City: Nashville
Secondary CL Cities: Chattanooga, Huntsville
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

harrysachz 05-27-14 09:14 PM

wish i had known about this a year ago when a dude in texas had two cinelli mx-I frames for $250 (!!!) in decent condition and refused to ship to atlanta.

Mos6502 05-30-14 03:58 PM

I am looking for somebody near Stratford, Connecticut who can assist in shipping a bike. I won the bike on ebay, the seller said they were willing to ship - but now they're dragging their feet and telling me they'll need to make a crate and it will cost "well over" $100 to ship the bike. Which I know is not true at all. If there is anybody there that could help me get my bike, it'd be much appreciated.

Catnap 06-16-14 02:30 PM

Are there any facilitators available to help me with a Craigslist bike in Des Moines, Iowa? PM me please or email me at [email protected]

AST236 06-19-14 06:31 AM

I'm in South Alabama, between Montgomery and Mobile. I'll be glad to help if your schedule is somewhat flexible, as I work nights and weird hours.......

Bikedued 07-19-14 07:53 AM

Any fellow Texans in the DFW area willing to help with an ebay bike? That is if I can get them to accept a decent offer first. It's a local pickup only in McKinney.,,,,BD

AST236 07-29-14 03:02 PM

Anybody near Indianapolis, IN or North Versailles, PA that could help w/ shipping a vintage bike or two? I'm looking at some on an auction site that I might can get for a decent price IF I have someone to help get them to me in south Alabama.......:)



Bianchigirll 07-29-14 05:00 PM

North Versailles, PA that's like nowheresville!!

AST236 07-29-14 09:30 PM

Really? There is a Schwinn Prelude there I'm bidding on and looking for some help getting it shipped if I win the bid.....:)

AST236 07-31-14 12:43 PM

So.......................I won the bid on the Schwinn Prelude.....$32.....:thumb:

Anybody who can pick it up and either a)box/arrange shipping for me or b)drop it at a decent LBS and let me arrange boxing/shipping w/ them?



MiloFrance 08-30-14 03:32 PM

Will help in the South of France. Flattened diamond shaped area from Carcassonne to Béziers, and Narbonne to Castres. I can be flexible, could do Toulouse and Montpellier at a push, and maybe Perpignan. Will consider anything up to whole bikes, email me on [email protected]

RobbieTunes 08-31-14 03:08 PM

Need shipment on frameset from Denver CO.

4funbikes 09-23-14 07:52 AM

Any one in or around Anaheim? Actually in city of Industry CA?

Frenchosa 10-11-14 05:00 AM

I would be willing to help people who are looking to buy things in Japan.

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