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How was the commute today?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

How was the commute today?

Old 08-20-07, 09:12 AM
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Crappy. Rode into rain about three miles into my 13 mile commute. So the last ten miles was in the rain. I'm not a big fan of riding in the rain. Had a rain shell with me but I didn't bother putting it on becuase it wasn't a particularly cold rain. Hopefully the ride home will be better.
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Old 08-20-07, 10:18 AM
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We've had 3 straight days of rain here for the first time all summer. I rode in today and it wasn't too bad. It's still warm enough that getting wet isn't a big deal.
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Old 08-20-07, 10:55 AM
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No ride today. My wife had an early meeting so we all carpooled in the minivan. Just as well; my legs need a day after some hill torture yesterday.
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Old 08-20-07, 11:39 AM
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Warm, but not too warm. A fellow commuter snuck up behind me and dashed off down the big hill, so of course I gave chase. I sat 8' off his back wheel the whole way down, especially after he looked around to see where I was. Childish and immature? Of course, but plenty of fun.
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Old 08-20-07, 12:41 PM
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We are praying for rain in NC. We're having one of the hottest summers on record, and it's been extremely dry as well. August is normally one of our wetter months, but we've had only 0.26 inch of rain the entire month so far. On top of that, the temperatures have been in the 90s on the cooler days, and over 100 several days a week for the past 3 weeks.

My commute was more of the same. Very pleasant riding in to work, although humid, but I am dreading the ride home. The forecasters yesterday were saying the high today would be in the mid-90s, so I considered that doable. They changed the forecast overnight, and it has already topped 100 by early afternoon. I wouldn't have biked to work today if I had realized it was gonna get so hot. Guess I'll just have to tough it out.
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Old 08-20-07, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by pinkrobe
Warm, but not too warm. A fellow commuter snuck up behind me and dashed off down the big hill, so of course I gave chase. I sat 8' off his back wheel the whole way down, especially after he looked around to see where I was. Childish and immature? Of course, but plenty of fun.
Childish and immature = male

It is not a bad thing for someone to be tailing another person. Gives extra motivation to both of them.
Last Thursday after merging on to a MUP, I was passed by another roadie while I was spinning up to speed.
It turns out he was going a tad slow and I passed him a few minutes later. The rest of the distance on the trail he was following me fairly close. No biggie. I just rode faster and had a blast. Too bad he didn't pull at all but it was a better workout for me.
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Old 08-20-07, 03:20 PM
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Got lightly drowned this morning. Luckily i was expecting it and rode in in waterproofs, and took dry socks... This evening i got chased by a couple of chavs who thought it was ok to shout something incoherent but were affronted by being flipped off. Yeah, like they had a hope of catching me... Probably should have been more sensible as i was on a bike path going over a bridge. I haven't seen them before though, but i'll have to think of something pointy that could be a legitimate part of my bike tool kit to hand for a couple of days just in case...

I turn into my dog in these situations. He's a whippet and occasionally bigger dogs try and intimidate him and he just bullets off until they give up, then goes back and buzzes them..!
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Old 08-20-07, 03:48 PM
Riding Heaven's Highway
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On my ride this morning this 60 plus year old lady riding a 3 wheeler running her dog meet up with me at an intersection. This trike was the top of the line trike. I saw it at the bike store last month and really wanted it, but the 900 dollar price tag stopped me. But at any rate, the lady knew what she was doing. There was one time she took off in front of me and I know we was doing 10mph. That dog was at a full run. I have 4 dogs and they need a good run everyday, but I have to get that trike. Quite amazing ride for me today.

If I happen across this again, I plan to ask if I can take a picture or video of it. See ya
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Old 08-20-07, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by barndoor
Good on you Tude!

Personally, I avoid night riding as I just know I'm gonna get clipped by some idiot that can't see my flashing red taillight or reflective vest or high beam headlight....

On the other hand.....has anyone heard anything about the planet Mars appearing as big as the moon on the evening of August 27th or 28th? Something about its orbit around the Sun and at that point being at its closest to the Earth? It may be another 200+ years till it's that close again.... I may force myself to hop on the bike and find a nice spot to observe....

Edit: Nevermind....found out this was a joke......
There IS a lunar eclipse on the 28th, if you're on the West coast it should be a good one too. I remember seeing a really good full eclipse several years ago, the moon looked like something you could just reach out and grab. Very weird.
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Old 08-20-07, 10:34 PM
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Last two days I set my route on fire! Today I hit 30.1 mph with a nice tail wind. Rocked the path at 23 for miles and miles - passing the cars on the roadway next to the path - thanks to a 20 mph speed limit strictly enforced. No such limits on the path.

Then, I got home from the usual 17 mile commute (each way), changed my clothes, and noticed my rear tire was flat. If you must flat, best place to fix it is at home! Lucky day!

Almost forgot. I blew through countless red lights downtown, one of which was right across an NOPD patrol car's path. There was tons of room for me and great sight lines, but it still freaked him out a bit. I was going 25 mph and flashed across his field of view. He just kept going on his way. I cranked it up to 27 and split traffic for three more lights just to be on the "safe" side.

I would not have done that except his car was in the absolute perfect blind spot. Soon as I committed to the crossing he came into view. Probably five car lengths between me and his patrol car bumper. He may have continued on his way because he was going too fast to make the turn behind me.

I'm gonna use a different route for a few days.
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Old 08-21-07, 05:59 AM
Belt drive!
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48F and sunny this morning. Another nice one. I saw one older lady on a bicycle. No other riders.

Yesterday I saw two people on a tandem three-wheeler. I also watched some teen-aged kid on a BMX bike riding like the devil himself was on the kid's back wheel. He was spinning out like crazy, out of he saddle, bobbing back and forth, blowing stop signs, weaving around peds, and once in a while he'd turn to see what was behind him. I wondered when he'd blow up, and eventually he stopped at a MUP-side lemonade stand and watched me as I went by.
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Old 08-21-07, 06:28 AM
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Morning all! Nondescipt ride to work - no flats, little traffic (till I hit Main St by the expressway entrance and then it's ZooLand) and cool. In fact today's the first day in a long time I rode with a long sleeved jersey. Sign o things to come
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Old 08-21-07, 06:43 AM
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Very foggy which was not good on the glasses, I was continually wiping them clean. Wet streets which was not good for my legs, as I don't have fenders on yet. Pretty cold which was fine because I got one of these on Sunday.
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Old 08-21-07, 06:49 AM
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Didn't bike commute last week because I was fighting the flu. I'm still going through some after-effects, but I was back in the saddle both yesterday and today. It's starting to cool off in the morning. No thunderstorms the last few days.

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Old 08-21-07, 06:58 AM
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Arrgh. I keep forgetting to call in sick on Freshman Move-in Day here at Duke.

It's as bad as you can imagine; in one day, normal traffic amounts increase fourfold -
a bunch of lost cagers reading maps and running stop signs, clueless pedestrians jumping out in front of your bike, rental security guards with attitude problems...

All that, and 100 temps today. I should have gone to the beach.
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Old 08-21-07, 07:52 AM
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A bit of a slow-down due to a roadwork detour this morning, but I'm actually thrilled because it is absolutely the worst stretch of road (in terms of surface quality) on my commute. Otherwise, just enjoying the cool morning rides!
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Old 08-21-07, 08:16 AM
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The students are back on campus (crowded streets and lots of cell phone traffic) and it's ridiculously hot. Today our city (or maybe state - I sort of tune out when they start talking about the heat) is breaking a record for the hottest August on record. I got to work almost 2 hours ago and I'm still sweating. Ugh!
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Old 08-21-07, 08:56 AM
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I agree with the other guys from the Triangle, hot and humid this morning with nasty heat for the ride home. Last night was pretty bad, temp was 103 on my way home. I am learning to deal with it by taking it easier and drinking a lot of fluids. I am moving up to the Boston area in October, I can't wait for the relief in heat, I'm just hoping that I can continue riding to work.
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Old 08-21-07, 09:00 AM
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Wet! Come on man, this is (suppoed to be) the time of year that makes it all worthwhile, breezy, warm, and sunny! What's with the premature cold and clammy???
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Old 08-21-07, 09:56 AM
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Cool and windy again, facing some fierce headwind gusts at times - took the short road into work having ridden ~9 miles already this morning (in 28 mins too ).
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Old 08-21-07, 10:27 AM
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I was almost hit by a car today as I was bicycling into the office. It was a 4-way intersection with a green light for me to go. As I was passing in front of the black Honda Accord, the young lady started accelerating her car to make a right turn [into me]. From my peripheral vision, I saw the Accord start to move so I pedaled hard and swerved as far left as possible without getting into the next lane. Fortunately she eventually saw me, she braked, blushed, and gave me the sorry wave with an embarrassed look on her face.
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Old 08-21-07, 10:28 AM
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Warm, calm and clear. Too bad I feel like crap! My wife had some sort of night-terror episode at about 3:00 a.m. and woke me up, on top of which my allergies kept me sniffling until well after midnight. The city had one of the roads on my route dug up, so we had to detour. I just felt sluggish all the way in, and made some questionable filtering choices. I'm not dead, so that's a plus.
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Old 08-21-07, 10:31 AM
Do I use too many commas?
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Old 08-21-07, 10:31 AM
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First flat since I started commuting. No problems with my spare tube. I believe karma paid me back, I didn't stop to check on a stopped biker yesterday on the way to work so no one stopped to check me out today, not that I needed anything. I'll be checking on stopped commuters from from now on.
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Old 08-21-07, 10:33 AM
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I'm bummed as my commute has come to a stop as I'm stuck working from home as our office is being renovated. I'll have to keep riding after work to keep my legs. I'll be stuck at home at least a month.
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