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Ride Frequency

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Originally Posted by jpescatore View Post
Ronno6 - depends on what your goal is. If the goal is to do longer rides, lengthen your rides. If goal is to increase your speed, do the same number of rides but faster. If your goal is to get in shape for a multi-day tour, then start increasing number of times you ride two days in a row.

The simple truth is your body gets better at what you make it do - that is what training is all about. There are some other proven training techniques (like intervals) to trade more intensity for less time on the bike, but if you have a goal, then shape your cycling to look like your goal.

If the goal is just to have fun, stay healthy or get healthier, then just ride when ever you can and leave a rest day after any extra hard day.

That is pretty much the goal for me (age 62, still working) but I really enjoy long rides and a little bit of multi-day touring. So, on weekends I usually get in a 50+ mile ride and during the week I can sneak in one or two 20-30 mile rides. If I wasn't working, I'd probably be doing one or two more rides per week. But for me, the "magic" occurs on rides longer than 2 hours - both mental and physical gains!

That's my approach to "training" for the longer rides I then do periodically over the year (75/85/100 milers) or mini-tours of 2-5 days, and it fits my time, seems to work and doesn't put me on some kind of forced schedule where I get on the bike because I'm supposed to vs. I want to!
+1. For the time constrained fitness seeker, intensity can be somewhat of a substitute for ride length. Intervals would be an example. That could be repeatedly attacking a single hill on your route. When I was working I would train for a 5 day midsummer tour with 3 short, intense rides during the work week and a weekend ride of increasing mileage. Within about 3 weeks of the tour I would try to get more long rides fit in. Fortunately, I live in the north and June/July evenings are quite long.
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About 90Hz. Oh ... that's crank RPM. I guess you meant how many days/week riding.
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How frequently a person "successfully" exercises is dependent on more than just time. Bear in mind that the intensity you exercise at will factor into the period you need to rest.

The original post includes a phrase like "but life gets in the way sometimes" - this kind of statement seems to be clue that other interests and responsibilities can lengthen the need for longer periods between rides.

Since this is an "over 50" forum - one could assume that exercising to fatigue repeatedly - is not an optimal cycling strategy for improving one's performance.

But hey, some of us have way too far, and far too long for longevity to be the only goal of riding.
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Monday, Wednesday and Friday a small group of us ride for about an hour before work.
Saturday morning we usually ride about 40 or 50 miles.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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I ride every day, unless it is pouring rain. I sold my car in Feb because I just was not using it, I was using my bike(s) and trailer. Each day is usually part errands and shopping with the trailer bike, then lunch and swap for my fast rider to get some nice exercise. Minimum mileage is 10 on super busy days. On more relaxed days, usually 4-5x a week, I ride 15-20. One of those can often be a 30 mile ride if I've the time and the weather is nice and I just don't wanna stop ;-). No matter what's going on in the world or my life, a great bike ride settles the mind and heart.
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Originally Posted by Baldy1953 View Post
At any time. If you feel up to it, go for it. I ride between 3-5 times a week because I can. No definite amount is required. Just enjoy the ride.
Excellent response to the OP's question, especially since the OP made no mention about why he wants to increase the frequency of his rides or if raised fitness level or any other "fitness" related goal is the reason he started back riding.
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I am very fortunate in where I live. I can ride a residential loop of about 2 miles right from my house,or within 5 miles of my door hit a national forest and ride dirt roads 50 miles into the next county if I want. I also have a closed dirt road of about 20 miles just 2 miles from my door. I have been riding about 8 months and ride every day at least 3-6 times around the 2 mile loop. I'm up to around 20 miles on a day long trip and have been going on those longer trips about every 3-4 weeks. I average about 50 miles in 7-10 days. It's all mountain biking though on a 2017 Marlin 5.

This is the first time on a bike again after 30 years or more of bad health. I have lost 160 lbs in one year,just trying to get healthy and eating right. Biking is freaking incredible!! I am 51 and more than twice as fit as I have ever been. I do twice as much now as when I was 25. Did I mention biking is freaking incredible!!! LOL.
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Ride Frequency
Originally Posted by Ronno6 View Post
I started back riding in late May, typically getting in 7-10 rides a month since then.
I have aimed to ride 3x a week, but sometimes weather and life gets in the way.
Ride length has increased from 10 miles to 20, with speeds averaging 14 to 16 mph.
Heart rate averaging 130 +/-

At what point do I look to increase the frequency?
Originally Posted by Baldy1953 View Post
At any time. If you feel up to it, go for it. I ride between 3-5 times a week because I can.

No definite amount is required. Just enjoy the ride.
Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
Excellent response to the OP's question, especially since the OP made no mention about why he wants to increase the frequency of his rides or if raised fitness level or any other "fitness" related goal is the reason he started back riding.
If fitness is your goal, FWIW here is the concensus opinion of two Fifty-Plus all year round commuters:
Originally Posted by tsl View Post
Last month, out of the blue, I was asked to interview for a different position in another department of the City…

I was concerned about getting decent miles in. This is the time of year when I'd take my 17-mile long loop to work, and a 13-mile cut of it coming home.

It's not that I chase miles for the sake of numbers. It takes me 50 miles a week just to feel good and normal, I feel fantastic over 100 miles a week, and like Superman over 150.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Thanks for this post. I too think gratefully about my commute, and all the variety it presents.

I particularly agree with your assessment of weekly mileage, though at over 150 miles per week, I call it hyper-fit.
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I ride 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days a week. Weekdays are solo rides so there is no benefiting from anyone's draft: 1-2 days will be an all out effort for about an hour straight (think time trial effort). Other days will be tempo, and a zone 2. I usually rest on Friday so I am ready to go hard for group rides on the weekends. If I don't rest on Friday, it will either be a zone 1 recovery or another zone 2 depending on how I feel. In another life, I trained extensively in a different sport so I have learned to listen and understand what my body is telling me. I rest when my body tells me I need it, which averages about one day a week.

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