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So on the Take A Look mirror....compact or original version?
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Originally Posted by nesdog View Post
So on the Take A Look mirror....compact or original version?
I like the Take A Look better than the Third Eye because of the longer arm.

The shorter TAL would have the same mirror but since I don’t always use the same goggle or sunglasses the longer arm gives more “temple room” for mounting.

A shorter arm provides a closer larger image but I prefer the smaller image within my normal line if sight. (if that makes sense to anyone but me)
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I use a bar end mirror on my road bike. It isn't small, but gives a good view of what is behind. As the first review on the link says, do have to remove the mirror from the mount when you first mount it, and it is a tight fit, but once mounted, works very well and doesn't seem that vibration really bothers it. Inexpensive to boot:
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I just got an EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror. It is, beyond a doubt the dorkiest looking mirror I've ever used. It is also the best mirror I've ever used. It can be easily positioned to give a clear, wide angle view to the rear with just a quick glance. The mirror is large, gives a sharp image, and unlike every glass frame mounted mirror I've tried, it stays put with little or no vibration.
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I started using a helmet-mounted CycleAware mirror about 15 years ago and don't know how I ever survived without it. The only deficiency is the adhesive system, but it is easy to replace that with a square of double-sided tape. I had to cut a small notch in my helmet visor to clear the mirror mount. I am very pleased with the whole setup.
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For that choose to use mirrors, remember; a mirror can only tell you "no", only a head check can tell you "yes".
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Since Take-a-Look is a favorite brand of many, I just posted to this aforementioned thread, Jim's Famous Trick for Rear-view Mirror Goggles
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post

Note that I have lost a couple of black plastic sleeves on the prongs of one of my Take-a-Look mirrors. That’s about the only drawback of the brand. I have previously posted my remedy:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
The Take-a-Look eyeglass metallic rearview mirror has three prongs covered with plastic tubing to secure it to the eyeglass earpiece. Those plastic sleeves slip off the prongs pretty easily and get lost; heat-shrink tubing replacement is much more secure.
Originally Posted by Baldy1953 View Post
Jim from boston, The stuff is called heat shrink. You can buy it lots of places ( Home Depot, Lowes, Radio shack, auto parts stores, etc) It comes in varuious diameters, so it is useful in a lot of places.

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Like the OP'er, I ride a drop-bar road bike and I wear glasses. I'm also hearing impaired - mostly in my left ear - so, generally I can hear a nearby car and know to be extra cautious. However, I don't have a sense for what direction car noise is coming from. I've tried five different mirrors in the past three years. Of those, my all-around favorite is a Third-Eye bar-end mirror. It's cheap and cheerful, but the mirror quality is pretty good and it has an appropriate amount of curvature. It helps me spot cars when they're pretty far away (behind me) at just a glance. With it, I can judge overtaking cars' speed and distance quicker and more confidently.

I tried to like an EVT helmet mounted mirror for a year... but I could never get information from it quickly enough. I had to wait for my eyes to focus, and then think about what I was seeing. I think I would have the same problem with any eyeglass or helmet mounted mirror. On my commuter, which has bar-end shifters, I use a Blackburn mirror that straps onto the left-side brake hood. It's okay, but vibrates more than the Third-Eye bar-end. I didn't like the way the D+D Oberlauda mirror mounted. It always seemed in the way of my hands, and it didn't play nice with my bar tape. Also, the Third-Eye is larger and thus more functional than the expensive German mirror.
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Originally Posted by jppe View Post
I use Sprintech bar end mirrors. They do a decent job and installation is easy.
I recently put one of those on my left-side dropbar end. It's way better than nothing, but I find it's so far away from eyes that the view from it is tiny. I also can only see it when I'm riding the hoods, since if I happen to be riding the tops my arm blocks it. I don't really ride the drops so I don't know if my arm would block it there too, but they probably will. Due to its shaping giving it that "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" effect, and my eyesight being something less than perfect, this mirror is good for a "ok, I'm pretty sure a car is close enough that I gotta look over my shoulder now to know if it's safe to change lanes" and that's about it.

I haven't got a helmet-mounted mirror yet, but if I really want to see what's behind me better, it's probably going to have to be something like that.
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The Hafny bar end mirror, 68mm, is way bigger and better than the Third Eye bar end mirror. But, I prefer the "Mirrycle Origional", which mounts to the old style brake levers. The Mirrycle is in a better position both for visibility, and not being in the way.
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Finally got around to securing mirror to helmet visor.

Have been using similar mirrors since about 1981.
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I just bought a cheap Bar End mirror and mount it on my bar extensions. Doesn't stick out, and tells me if there's a car behind, when I want to turn right (we drive on the left here) and it saves my ageing neck..
It's well adequate. Would be better mounted higher, or with a stalk, but that would vibrate; as it is, by the time I've finished checking it, I'm usually uncomfortably close to the kerb. . . .
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had a nice long road ride yesterday. since it was going to be bright & it's springtime I broke out the sunglasses. these have the "compact" Take-a-Look (I think). also, of course made good use of the cheap bar end mirror I got at a consignment shop for $5

took some pics of the setup in case it helps anyone

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[QUOTE=bruce19;21357672]Depends on what you like but I use the Italian Road Bike mirror.


Yep same here, absolutely superb bit of kit. Unobtrusive but really clear, doesn't scratch or distort/wobble. Best cycle accessory I've got, wouldn't ride without it.
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I used a couple kinds of 'mount to your glasses' type mirrors. They were OK. I ended up trying a dropbar mounted mirror and much prefer that. This is the one that I use (it clamps onto the very end of my drops and is (barely) not in the way).

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FWIW the Italian Road bike mirror is glass not plastic.
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just another gosling
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I've been using Blackburn Helmet Mirrors for many years. It's a perfect mirror. I set it so that I have to turn my head slightly to see directly behind me. The only hassle I've had is that it's possible for the sticky-back mounting pads to get weak over time, so I add superglue to the sticky-backs. It's very useful to be able to scan the road behind just by moving my head slightly.
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This has been a helpful read. THANKS! My neck has been sore lately so I just purchased a mirror based on these recommendations.
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Originally Posted by bmcer View Post
I just got an EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror. It is, beyond a doubt the dorkiest looking mirror I've ever used. It is also the best mirror I've ever used. It can be easily positioned to give a clear, wide angle view to the rear with just a quick glance. The mirror is large, gives a sharp image, and unlike every glass frame mounted mirror I've tried, it stays put with little or no vibration.
+1 except - you can get the same field of view and relative mirror location with the far smaller, trimmer and less likely to snag on things Third Eye Hard Shell Helmet Mirror but to get to get a mount that is nearly as bulletproof and the Safe Zone you have to make your own. I do every time i buy a new, different helmet. I cut out sheet aluminum and bend the top to fit the inside of the helmet visor nicely. Have it come down say 3/4" then I bend the bottom out in an "L". Try the mirror on for location and adjust as needed. Fiberglass both sides with thin fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. (Do one side, trim to the metal with a sharp trim knife when 3/4" hard, flip and do same on the other side. Sand if necessary to get the nice fit again. Drill matching #2 screw size holes in visor and mount. Find some small screws that look good (Ace Hardware has many choices). Install and screw on mirror. A lot of work, yes, but this mount will outlast as many helmets of that model as you can find, puts the mirror in the perfect place, does very well on rough roads, looks good (I paint them black with model paint). And when you do snag and break one, the next mirror is like $17, That mount isn't breaking. Edit: and other plus is that the mirror clamp unscrews as intended so taking it off to clean the helmet or store or transport is easy.

I started this 15 years ago and I've made three. (Three models of helmet.) Why helmet manufacturers and the mirror people cannot talk to each other and come up with a system like mine (that requires a standard and two tiny holes) is completely beyond me.

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