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Anyone have a Strida?

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I have owned my 2 speed stride for about 5 years. Not really that great of a bike. Its really slow and the rear wheel joint flexes too much. I liked the idea of it and that's what sold me on it. It did take some getting use to. The good points: 1) it folds really easily and ease to wheel around in this way 2) the "cool" factor is high 3) small enough to bring inside anywhere 4) Belt drive therefore low maintenance 5) Cable disc brakes. Other than these things, I ended up buying a Tern. Faster, belt drive, heavier (not so good), hydraulic disc brakes and true folder with lots of neat accessories.
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I had one. Sold it soon after.

The carryme was more comfortable, more compact, and arguably about the same speed.

The Strida is beautiful, excessively rigid, impractical, took up almost as much space as my Xootr swift, and rode poorly.

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Originally Posted by Timjohn View Post
I liked the idea of it.
I do too. I am hoping that it will work well for the specific reason I bought it- I can no longer drive a motor vehicle, and this seems like the perfect bike to use when visiting friends and not wanting to leave a bike in their driveway, or to go to the store which is a mile away for one or two items. I have 4 other bicycles and a tricycle so have different rides for different times.

When I was younger I had a Dahon Mariner and it was very nice, but I can no longer carry a Mariner. The Strida is lighter and much easier to carry, and it can be toted like a folded stroller with its wheels on the ground. I ordered a nice canvas bag for it with handles so when I get to someone's house for a visit I can just fold, pop the Strida in the bag and zip it up.
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I've been riding a single-speed Strida for about a year. It took me a while to get used to the handling. When I bought it, I had to walk over to a park and practice starting and stopping for an hour before I could ride home without wobbling like a drunkard. I have 2 other bikes, but I use the Strida for commuting because it's much easier to carry up and down stairs and fit onto the train. A typical round-trip commute is 13 miles of riding broken up into segments with a train ride in the middle.

The longer I've had this bike, the more I've grown to like it. I no longer find the handling weird, and I can do things that I could never do on a normal bicycle, such as back up while sitting on the bike. That's surprisingly useful in an urban environment. It's a belt drive, so there's almost no maintenance and you never have to be careful about leaving black chain marks on things.

I never found the bike uncomfortable in any way. I don't feel bumps much more strongly than I do on either of my other bikes, and they both have full suspension. (I am short and lightweight, though.)

One of the best features is the instant fold/unfold that can be done in a single motion. By the time other people on the train have unfolded their bikes, I'm halfway down the platform with mine.
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Originally Posted by Lucillle View Post
They are lightweight, cute as a bug, and seem like the perfect bike to ride to someone's house or a store where you don't want to leave a bike outside. I'm surprised I don't see more of them.
How about some pictures?
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'Strida' thats a bike not heard much on here, nevertheless a fab bike, I'm now on my 3rd

1st: Mk3 from about 2003 stolen

2nd: Mk3 given to son - still in use, very useful for aircraft travel as it goes for free as 'Golf clubs' and with plastic wheels etc its pretty 'handler proof'

3rd: Mk5 now getting on for 10 years old and in almost daily use. We have several other bikes but Strida is the 'go-to' as its simple, light, and easy to use, and has a great upright, 'Dutch' riding position. It is especially good on shared paths where short wheelbase, and face forward is a bonus.

My wife has an LT, the newest, the cheapest and IMHO the best . It fits her perfectly and she wont ride anything else now.

These bikes have improved massivley over the years, so comments and experiences about bikes that are now 15 - 20 years old should be taken with a pinch of salt.

@Lucillle Enjoy ! you will stand out riding on a triangle - but in a good way. Yes the bike (on its own) looks 'different', but with someone on it, it looks 'right'.

Below are some links and pictures you might find useful (although I just googled and its much more popular than I imagined).

Strida Forum (help and tips) Strida Forum ? Index page

Ming Cycle (makers)

Mark Sanders (designer)

Manuals and articles (about the bike and its design)

Here are some pictures which show how it is best enjoyed

Dutch comparison

And, of course, roll, never carry

Enjoy !

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Only having one contact point per wheen is definitely something; seems like it's fine, though.

With the pedal-back to change the gears, does it step down from 3 to 1 or does it reset to 1 after shifting from 3?
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@lucille - Are you still working on your Linear?
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Originally Posted by Velocivixen View Post
@lucille - Are you still working on your Linear?
No, decided the already perfect Mach 2 was enough. And will not be buying more bicycles in the foreseeable future, I pretty much have a selection for all occasions, and no more room. Although the Strida takes up little space.
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With the pedal-back to change the gears, does it step down from 3 to 1 or does it reset to 1 after shifting from 3?
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