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How many bikes do you have?

Old 06-14-18, 06:26 AM
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I have 2 right now, but if I count all the bikes I have owned, I think the number would be 6
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Tricross Comp I use as a road bike. It does everything in what I consider the road realm well enough. Group rides - no problem, never an issue with the bike holding me back. Century or more rides, absolutely. Gravel - yep, eats it right up. Hill climbing - it's light enough without fenders and racks that I haven't felt the need for a CF road bike. If I want to set it up for touring it's plenty capable there too.

FS Mountain bike - Breezer Repack that I picked up for a decent price when Pricepoint was closing down. It's not the lightest ride out there but for the 20 or so times I'll MTB this year it's more than adequate. If my skills outgrow the bike I'll upgrade. I have a long way to go.

Single speed - Motebecane Fixie Cafe CF (CF fork) - use it for winter commuting and just riding around. I replaced some things with better parts just because I had them lying around - like a Thompson Elite seatpost which originally cost 1/3 the price of the bike itself.

I think about having all kinds of other bikes, but these three cover nearly all my needs. Having more bikes would mean more maintenance time, and I'd rather spend that time doing something else - like riding. I would like to give a Fat bike a try though.
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Bikes: 2018 Scott Aspect 950, 2018 Trek Hybrid, 1971 Raleigh Twenty

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I have 3 bikes.

My 'road bike" is a 2018 Trek Fx2 Hybrid
My MTB is a 2018 Scott Aspect 950 (hardtail 29er)
My fun bike is a 1971 Vintage Raleigh Twenty

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Old 06-16-18, 06:20 PM
Murray Missile 
Bike hoarder.
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Bikes: Too many according to my wife.

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On any given day "more than 40, less than 50" but it often varies day to day.
Analog man in a digital world.
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Bikes: Norco hybrid

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I have a Norco hybrid and a Raleigh beater.
I inherited the Raleigh with some property.
It will be used as a rider for visiting family.

I am also giving a long hard look at a Norco Sasquatch.
It's a beauty.
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Old 06-17-18, 10:15 AM
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Bikes: Bianchi Volpe, ANT 3-speed roadster, New Albion Privateer singlespeed, Raleigh One Way singlespeed, Raleigh Professional "retro roadie" rebuild, 198? Fuji(?) franken-5-speed, 1937 Raleigh Tourist, 1952 Raleigh Sports, 1966 Raleigh Sports step-through

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2014 ANT 3-speed roadster (ultimate city bike - two racks, drum brakes, internal gearing, generator lighting, full chaincase, etc.)
2011 Bianchi Volpe (go anywhere/do anything bike - drop bar, 3x9 derailleur gearing, wide tires, full fenders, generator lighting)
2015 New Albion Privateer (unnecessarily-nice single-speed commuter, built as essentially a single-speed version of the Volpe)
198? unknown, maybe Fuji (my nasty-weather bike - drum brakes, 5-speed internal gear hub, more powerful riding position than the ANT for wind/snow, gets studded tires in winter)
2008 Raleigh One-Way (alternate bike for the winter - converted to 3-speed hub with drop bar, full fenders, generator lighting, chainguard, gets studded tires in winter)
1974 Raleigh Professional (impractical fast bike, converted to 650B, updated with 9-speed Ultegra components)
1973 Raleigh Super Course (all-purpose road bike that lives at my parents' house so I have a bike of my own to ride when I visit them, "updated" with 8-speed 600/Ultegra components)
1966 Raleigh Sports (step-through frame, my grandmother's bike that I've restored. Primary purpose is to have a bike that can be used as a loaner)
1952 Raleigh Sports (diamond frame, a beater in rat-rod condition, used for those times when I need to leave a bike locked up all day in an iffy area)
1937 Raleigh Tourist (28" wheel rod-brake roadster, because who wouldn't want to ride such a fun and comfortable old bike from time to time?)
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Bikes: 2017 Day 6 Cyclone (the Buick); 2015 Simcoe Deluxe (the Xebec); Street Strider 3i (the not-a-bike)

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Only two so far: a Day 6 Cyclone (the Buick) and a Simcoe Deluxe in the step-through frame (the Xebec). I like IGH transmissions.

I was thinking of selling the Buick, mostly because I couldn't get it to behave and go in a straight line, but partly (my fault) I wanted it to be something it never will and can't. I think I'm over that now, and I seem to have lucked onto the handlebar tweak that solved the squirrely handling. And, after messing with the seat position in every way I could, I finally returned it to its original position (all the way back on the rails) and I can enjoy it for what it is. It needs work, though; I really want to be able to carry more on it. The rear triangle has some pannier bosses, but I want to make my own containers (or adapt something) for it.

The Xebec came with a nice painted rear rack, but I replaced that with a Wald 520 rear basket set, which went on as if it were made for the bike. It now does grocery runs to the corner one mile away, plus pleasure/exploration rides. I put a Brooks B67 on it--great improvement. I like that I can get out of the saddle to mash up hills, but I'd like it a lot more if it had a wider range of gearing than its 7-speed. It's a good bike, though, and I got it at a terrific discount from Amazon; NOS at about half price.

I'm now contemplating #3, and gravitating to a Bacchetta Bella. When I got back into cycling this year I chose the bikes partly because I didn't think I'd care about going fast. Well, they don't--and I lied to myself about that. The Bella would put me out of the wind and give wider gearing, so it would be more in its element in the hilly area where I live. I suppose it could be possible to put a windshield on the Buick, but I don't want to pay for one and don't have a whole lot of faith in my ability to make one myself that I could stand to look at, much less have it be aerodynamically effective.

So, although two would be enough (one for backup), neither of my current bikes is entirely satisfactory to me. If I get the Bella I might sell the Buick.

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Old 06-17-18, 05:43 PM
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Bikes: Norco search xr

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1 gravel bike.
1 road bike.
1 mountain bike.
My favorite one? The one that I am riding at the moment.
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I have one of each.
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Currently I’m at five. Six if you count the incomplete build waiting in the corner. Lifetime count would have to be greater than 40, as I’m constantly tinkering around with something. Many bought. Many given. Many sold. Many donated. I’m kinda known as a “bike guy,” so bikes have a way of finding their way into my life.

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Old 06-18-18, 10:00 AM
Jon T
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Bikes: '84 Peugeot PH10LE

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Only one. A Peugeot PH10 bought new in '85.
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12. Not enough. :-)
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Go Ride
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Bikes: Enough +1

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Finally a Pro!

Finally a pro. Showing the amateurs with only 1-4 bikes how to do it. Well done sir!

Originally Posted by jamesdak View Post
A few .....all are in my rotation of daily rides.

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Old 06-18-18, 01:06 PM
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Bikes: Bottecchia Sprint, GT Timberline 29r

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I'm down to 3 & thinking about going to 2
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Originally Posted by Whidbey88 View Post
12. Not enough. :-)
I'm sorry, 12 isn't enough?
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Old 06-18-18, 02:34 PM
over the hill
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Bikes: 72 maino-76 austro daimler inter 10-? giant kronos

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72 loop frame maino
76 Austro Daimler Inter 10 mixte
85 Nishiki Prestige
86 Trek 760
It is an illness, so I am told.
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Old 06-19-18, 01:12 AM
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Bikes: Gios Professional, Peugeot PX10

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Just two

Both is vintage road – Peugeot PX10 and Gios Professional.
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Past: 8
Currently riding: 6
Mothballed: 1
Undergoing restoration: 3

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Old 06-19-18, 05:59 AM
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Bikes: Gitane Course, Peugeot Premiere, Peugeot ANC Halfords Team Replica, Peugeot Festina Team Replica, Motobecane Grand Sport, Raleigh Pro Race, Raleigh Stratos, Barrucuda Azzurri, Harlem Altitude, Ideal Race Pro, BSA

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Too many, according to Mrs EPT. TjerThe still space in the garage though.......
BSA - my Winter / bad weather commuter, which also gets used for shopping trips.
Gitane Course - road bike, fair weather commuter, sportive bike.
Peugeot Premiere - bought this one new back in the 1980s. It gets used like the Gitane for commuting on fine days, sportives, and Sunday rides.
Barracuda Azzuri - modern light aluminium frame bought to supplant the C&V bikes for sportives and faster club runs. Discovered after a couple of rides that the older bikes are much nicer to ride, so it's been pretty much relegated to commuting.
Raleigh Stratos - it was £5 for the frame on eBay, and just up the road. Couldn't resist the Bid button. Spent a bit more than intended turning it into a bike, but it's now a very nice bike to ride,and is kitted out with mudguards as a spare bad weather commuter.
Harlem Altitude - BSO type full suspension MTB. All purpose bike, I bash it round local trails occasionally but it gets more use as a spare bike for the kids when their own BSO school / college hacks need fixing.
Ideal Race Pro - hard tail MTB; I ride this when mountain biking with my son.
Motobecane Grand Sport - another irresistible eBay frame. Work in progress at the moment, but it'll be another commuter / Sunday ride bike.
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Old 06-20-18, 11:58 PM
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When I was single, my living room was decorated with old road bikes, each one carefully restored. I had 8 of them, a prewar Bianchi, a Hetchins, a Paramount, 2 Pinarellos, a DeRosa, a Vitus, and an Atala. My garage had 5 or 6 of the bikes I trained or raced with, a workshop, rollers, etc.

Now I'm married with a family, and bikes on the living room walls is not an option. I sold my collection, and kept only one bike, the last one issued to me when I was still racing.

Now I live in Tokyo, and have 3 bikes. A Birdy folder which I can put in the trunk of my car, or carry on a bus or train, the old race bike I mentioned above, and a Panasonic power-assist bike which I use for shopping, and taking my daughter to school.
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Bikes: 2017 Specialized Sequoia 88 Diamondback Apex, 89 Trek 400, 85 Specialized Rock Hopper

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How many bikes I have vs how many bikes I actually still ride. After getting a nice new bike it is really hard to get back on the donkeys.
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Bikes: 1957 Alpa Special, 1963 Condor Delta, 1967 Tigra Sprint, 1977 Oltenia, 1987 Mondia, 1965 Staco de luxe, 1969 Amberg

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7 that work and i ride
1 that works i don't ride
1 that doesen't work that i would ride if it would work (project for next winter)
Makes 9 total.
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Bikes: Fuji Special Road Racer

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Originally Posted by Jewishcowboy View Post
As I stated I am getting my 2nd bike this week. I've never had more than 1, it will be cool to have choices now
I have several “projects” but not enough bikes
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Bikes: 2011 Fuji Absolute 3.0 -- 1997 Trek 830 (modified to hybrid)

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I just have two. A 2011 Fuji Absolute 3.0 that is my main ride, used for riding on streets, MUPs and light rail/trail riding. A 1997 Trek 830 MTB converted to hybrid with 26x1.5 hybrid tires and north road handlebars, used as backup street/MUP bike and for gravel and light trail use. I don't have a true road bike because I need a more upright riding position. Both of my bikes have racks with rack bags that I use to carry a pump, patches, and whatever else I want to carry while riding, depending on location and distance. I ride them both on a regular basis. It's especially nice to have a backup when one or the other needs work.

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Bikes: 2000 Litespeed Vortex Chorus 10, 1995 DeBernardi Cromor fixie

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2000 Litespeed Vortex - the “good bike”
~1995 De Bernardi steel fixie
recently-acquired Nashbar steel commuter bike
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