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We love you Pcad. Rest well, buddy.

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

We love you Pcad. Rest well, buddy.

Old 06-25-20, 09:11 AM
Siu Blue Wind
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We love you Pcad. Rest well, buddy.

We will miss you
Originally Posted by making View Post
Please dont outsmart the censor. That is a very expensive censor and every time one of you guys outsmart it it makes someone at the home office feel bad. We dont wanna do that. So dont cleverly disguise bad words.
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big john
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R.I.P. Will miss you on Facebook. Always quick-witted, always opinionated, always funny. He could speak on a great number of topics and treated me like a friend even though we'd never met.
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Old 06-25-20, 09:48 AM
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He was one of the good guys.
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Old 06-25-20, 09:50 AM
So it is
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This is a very sad day. Rest in Peace.
“Marriage is a wonderful invention; but then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.”
Billy Connolly
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Old 06-25-20, 09:53 AM
Bah Humbug
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I personally owe him a huge debt of gratitude - his Addiction thread grew into a bedrock of my life and helped me get through a lot of tough periods of my life. You'll be missed old man.
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Old 06-25-20, 09:54 AM
Velo Gator
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Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind View Post
We will miss you
We truly will. I already do.
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Beyond Bogus
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Agree. RIP. Sad.

Originally Posted by rjones28 View Post
Addiction is all about class.
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Pointy Helmet Tribe
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Oh man, that's an absolute shame.... saw it on my coach's wall.

RIP, Patentcad.... you were an absolute legend.
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Old 06-25-20, 10:16 AM
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Such a tragic loss, his contribution to this forum was incalculable. RIP Pcad.
See, this is why we can't have nice things. - - smarkinson
Where else but the internet can a bunch of cyclists go and be the tough guy? - - jdon
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Old 06-25-20, 10:25 AM
Seattle Forrest
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What? I'm so sorry to hear the news.
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Old 06-25-20, 10:50 AM
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I haven't been here for a long time and I just learned of this sad news from another forum.

Very tragic loss.

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Old 06-25-20, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by big john View Post
R.I.P. Will miss you on Facebook. Always quick-witted, always opinionated, always funny.
I was thinking the same thing before I read this. He made BF fun and funny.
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Old 06-25-20, 11:04 AM
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man, terrible news. i too havent been active on this forum in a long while, but came to share my sympathies and read through some old threads. very sad day.
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Old 06-25-20, 11:14 AM
Asleep at the bars
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RIP. You'll be sorely missed, but your prickly wit will live forever.
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Sad news. I was just thinking about him the other day. He might have the all time highest post count on BF.
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Old 06-25-20, 11:52 AM
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PCAD and I joined the forum about the same time. I always enjoyed his posts. He will be missed indeed.
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Old 06-25-20, 12:56 PM
Tiocfáidh ár Lá
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I just heard about this elsewhere and came here to pay my respects. Rest in Peace man. And may your friends and family find some solace in this time.
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Old 06-25-20, 02:30 PM
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I am having a hard time with this. Am I to understand that PCAD has died? I never met him. In the few years I have followed BF, I almost felt like I knew him. His thorniness, arrogance, elitist cycling attitude and superiority belied his love and affection for all things cycling and all real cyclists. Each and every time I have logged on to this site, I have, consciously or unknowingly, hoped I would click on a thread in which PCAD had commented to share his most recent sufferfest, shared his most recent purchase of this or that cycling product or chastised some fredly post by another newb. If PCAD has passed away, I hope those who have known and loved him know how much many of us on BF have loved this man that most of us will never meet. Rest In Peace. I am a better cyclist and human being for having shared BF with him.
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Old 06-25-20, 02:47 PM
Rides too much bike
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Wow, also someone who has not been here in ages. When I heard about this I needed to come back and pay my respects. This is a truly sad day.
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Old 06-25-20, 03:50 PM
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Rest in Peace Holy See. May you ride in Valhalla with the epic climbs and may your mates be as witty as you.
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long time visiter
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I use to correspond with Pcad years ago on BF's about CAD type stuff. He was a knowledgeable and helpful person. Very sad news. Losing way too many Bike Forum people over the years due to car accidents. RIP.
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Old 06-25-20, 04:20 PM
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Sad to hear this. I had avidly followed Peter's posts on BF. RIP, PCAD, and may your family find solace in knowing the high regard many of us at BF held you.
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Old 06-25-20, 04:30 PM
Still kicking.
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Had banged heads a few times in the past, but always respected and liked pad. Rip pcad.
Appreciate the old bikes more than the new.
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You Know!? For Kids!
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Godspeed Peter you had a heart of gold and you will be missed.
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Phobias are for irrational fears. Fear of junk ripping badgers is perfectly rational. Those things are nasty.
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