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How to Over Come OTS


Old 01-12-18, 02:35 PM
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Elevated heart rate is not necessarily an indicator of OTS-- depressed HR is. I check at least half the boxes on the OTS checklist on any given day. My main consistency is to try to moderate intensity. followed by setting targets, not goals-- I used to say, "Oh, I'll try for maybe 2,000ft of vertical today." Then I would hit 2,100 and think, it's only a few more hills to 2,500, then 3,000, and on and on. So I have to trick myself-- try to "hit the target," where at the end of the ride, I've hit as close to my target as possible, whether that be distance, elevation, kJ, whatever.

Felt really good this morning (after 40 miles w/ 4k feet 2 days before, and 50 miles @ 18.6mph yesterday) but hit my target and stopped. It's the best I can do. Because the part of me that isn't my legs would try to ride again.
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Originally Posted by CanadianBiker32 View Post
i don't know what it is, been like this since last june. almost, but not wanting to do a high intense ride means i may have a high HRT but power is non existent
i am riding like 120 year man and i am only 39
meaning i am riding like someone who is out of shape , and i am not out of shape.
hard to get a doctor here
no family doctor at this time
June is 6 or 7 months ago. Surely you could have gone to see a Dr in that time.

If what you're saying is true that you're really struggling with the cycling, it is time to get checked.

Just make sure you've got a comprehensive list of real symptoms, not just "power is non existent".

Do you have shortness of breath? Chest pain? Pain in legs? ??

Tell the doctor all that and he/she should send you for bloodwork and some heart/lung testing.
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I don't think OP has a medical condition and I don't think he needs to go to a doctor. His problem is self-inflicted and mostly psychological... You need to step away from racing and competing for the next few months and find a different hobby. You are mentally worn out from overdoing it and from having unrealistic expectations...The harder you train the more you put into it the less you're getting out of it, you have reached a point of diminishing returns... Step away from it all and do something different for a while and hopefully as time goes by your motivation to ride will come back.

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