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Stepping off a Fixie


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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
After reading this thread, I really now want to get a fixie and learn to become a master of fixed gear bike control.
$100.00 on craigslist and you can find out whats up. My first ride I knew they were my kind.
Dont overthink it
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It's too late Hffy Addict has already been overthinking it to the point the old brain got so hot it turned to liquid and poured right out ; )

They have no plans to ever buy a bike and if they do it will be another wally-mart special so they can avoid mountain biking like the plague.

When I make plans for bikes I usually try and follow through with them if I have the money or I will at least put parts to use on frames I pick up. I do like to sit around and say "oooh new bike should I do it" but then usually at some point I will have a new bike (or an old bike) In this year alone I have done about 7 different projects granted a lot of it was free stuff that I put a little money into to build up (or the Langster which was a replacement for a cracked frame) and two of those builds I am 100% not keeping because they aren't my size and one build I am probably selling but wanted something extra to play with for this winter. Our Addict in the past three years hasn't done anything. Granted I probably won't take on that many projects again for a long time because it has been overwhelming and hard to get things finished but on the plus I have gotten rid of some spare parts and cleaned up a little(ish)
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Mostly I just fall off awkwardly. Especially if there's a cute girl nearby.
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When I'm doing a standard stop, I like to swing/kick my left foot over the front handler, instead of swinging it back over the saddle. Feels less awkward to me.
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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
For me it depends.

For clipless...

If I have a brake it's about the same as a freewheel bike because I can stop on the part of the stroke I want.

If I don't have a brake I think about where I want to end up and unclip the planting foot just before I get there while my attached foot is in the down stroke. This gives enough time to plant my free foot before the clipped foot makes another rotation. The upstroke acts as the last bit of stopping force.

I've ridden clipless fixed gear with no brakes, and let me tell ya, it's pretty damn scary at first
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